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Brief introduction of the working principle of tablet press

The utility model relates to a tablet pressing machine, which can be used for pressing the circular sheet, the carving piece, the special shaped sheet, the double layer sheet, the multilayer sheet, the annular plate and the chip chip. What is the working principle of the tablet? The following small series to introduce the work principle of the tablet machine, I hope to help you.
Working principle of tablet press
Punch and die in the process of pressing pressure, commonly used bearing steel (such as crl5, etc.), and heat treatment to improve its hardness.
There are many types of punches, and the shape of the punch is determined by the shape of the tablet. According to the shape and structure of the die, it can be divided into round shape and special shape (including polygon and Qu Xianxing). The shape of the punch section has the shape of the plane, the bevel, the shallow concave, the deep concave and the complex shape. A planar, cylindrical bevel shaped punch for tablet pressing flat, shallow concave for pressing double convex tablets, deep concave is mainly used to suppress the coated tablet chip, integrated form is mainly used to suppress profiled sheet. In order to facilitate the identification and use of drugs. In the end die can also be carved with the name of the drug, dosage and vertical lines mark. To press different doses of tablets, the appropriate size of the die should be selected.
The working process of tablet press can be divided into the following steps:
The position of the punch (undershoot its working position upward) from the lower end extends into the die hole in the die hole, sealed in the bottom of the hole;
The use of drugs to fill in for feeding holes;
The punch part of the punch (its working position down) from the upper end of the middle mold hole into the middle mold hole, and down a certain stroke, the powder into a film;
On the lifting out of the hole, the top of the tablet increased lower die hole, a pressing process;
The punch down to in situ, ready for the next filling.
Tablet mechanism
Dose control. A variety of tablets have different dose requirements, large dose adjustment is achieved by selecting different punch diameter of the die, such as the diameter of 6mm, 8mm, 11.5mm, 12mm and other punch. After choosing the die size, small dose adjustment is by adjusting the depth of the hole into the die down, thus changing the actual length in the die hole sealing after the adjustment of filling volume of die hole in medicine. Therefore, should have the original position adjustment undershoot in the mold hole the mechanism in the tablet machine, in order to meet the requirements of dose adjustment. Because of the difference of the specific volume of different batches of powder preparation, this kind of adjustment is very necessary.
In the dose control, operation principle of feeder also have a considerable impact, such as drug particles by self weight, free fall into the die hole when the filling situation is relatively loose. If the use of multiple forced entry into the environment, the mold hole will be filled with more drugs, filling the situation is more dense.
Tablet thickness and compaction control. The dosage of the drug is determined according to the prescription and pharmacopoeia. In order to meet the requirements of storage, preservation and disintegration time limit, there is also a requirement for a certain amount of pressure on the tablet. Pressure regulation is essential when pressed. This is achieved by adjusting the amount of overshoot in the die hole. Some press during the tabletting process not only on the downward movements, but also has the upward movement by the undershoot undershoot, relative motion to complete the tabletting process. But most of the pressure regulation is to adjust and control the pressure by adjusting the amount of the upper and lower body.

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