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Talking about the rules for the use of sifter

With regard to the use of powder screening machine, Jiangyin innovation Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. for you to make a detailed description, as follows:
1, screen powder machine before installation
The new vibrating screen machine equipment should be carefully checked before installation. Due to the production of finished goods inventory for a long time, such as bearing rust, seals aging or handling damage, such as the need to replace the new parts. Also, such as vibration exciter, before the factory for rust, injection of rust preventive oil, put into operation before the replacement of lubricating oil. Before installation should carefully read the instructions, make full preparations.
2, vibration sieve powder machine installation:
(1) mounting or hanging device. When installing, the foundation shall be leveled, and then the components shall be arranged in sequence according to the installation drawing of the supporting or suspending device and the sieve. Before the spring loading, the actual stiffness value should be selected.
(2) the screen box is connected to a supporting or hanging device. After installation, should be adjusted according to the provisions of the angle. In the case of a hanging screen, the inclination of the screen box and the level of the main shaft of the screen box shall be adjusted simultaneously. Horizontal adjustment of the general level, in order to eliminate the deviation of the screen box. After adjusting the level, adjust the longitudinal angle of the screen. The force of the vibration isolation spring should be uniform, and its force can be judged by measuring the compression of the spring. Generally, the feed end of the two groups of spring compression must be the same, the discharge end of the two groups of springs should be the case. The amount of spring compression between the discharge end and the feed end can be different.
(3) installing motor and triangle tape. Installation, the motor should be based on the level of the level of the motor needs to be corrected, two belt pulley corresponding to the central line of the groove should be coincident, the tension of the triangular belt requirements.
(4) install and fix the screen as required.
(5) check the screen of the connection components (such as sieve plate, vibration exciter, etc.), the screen should be uniform tension, in order to prevent local vibration. Check the lubrication of the transmission parts, motor and control box wiring is correct, and the hand to drive the transmission part to see whether the operation is normal.
(6) check the feeding of the sieve, the chute and the hopper when there is no collision.
3, vibration sieve machine use and maintenance:
1 vibrating screen should be no material in the screen surface of the start, as far as possible to avoid the boot with the machine, the machine is running smoothly after feeding. Before stopping the machine should stop feeding, to be removed after the screen surface material.
2 in the course of the work should often observe the operation of the screen machine, such as abnormal movement or abnormal sound, should stop the check, find out the reasons, troubleshooting.
3 vibrator bearing with 2 lithium grease lubrication, under normal circumstances, every two months to add a grease filling amount should not be too much, otherwise it will cause overheating of bearing. Vibrator after 6 months of use, check the grease, such as dry or has a lump, should be replaced with new oil cleaning, the bearings should be cleaned every year a check.

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