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mplement the standard pharmaceutical machinery discussions

China Association for Pharmaceutical Equipment Pharmaceutical Machinery explicitly implement the Drug Manufacturing Practice () as the industry's management, the main task, which is the analysis of the proposed development of pharmaceutical machinery, and to further highlight the characteristics of pharmaceutical machinery, enhance the domestic pharmaceutical equipment design level of innovation. On the current scale of production of pharmaceutical machinery, varieties, production Despite the considerable strength and level, jump higher professional products for the domestic industry, but with the economic and trade integration with the international and international  standards, prompting the pharmaceutical  for pharmaceutical equipment manufacturers to enhance the concept of better features with urgent needs, the equipment is increasingly becoming  domestic and foreign competition in a hot technology. From recent sessions of the medicine machine exhibition reflected the situation, there is increasing year by year production plant, similar products, new less than similar products in the same area of competition is becoming more apparent (such as: hot air circulation oven, Nanjing, Jiangsu and Zhejiang vibration sieve, etc.), say a few years ago to pursue a variety of drugs on the machine the size of the revitalization and development, then now is the level of competition in the pursuit of quality developed. The implementation machinery in the pharmaceutical , can be said that pharmaceutical companies implement the eighties, following , state machine out of 1Cr18Ni8Ti promote drug widely used raw materials, low carbon stainless steel, to encourage the introduction of foreign advanced technology to the emergence of new products and active use of international Product quality standards so that a general increase in drug after another opportunity for development is to enable the pharmaceutical equipment industry, "Boxer Rebellion" of products under uniform standards in  increased innovation, and create a mission to further improve the drug development machine function space.

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