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WLFJ-400 High-speed Eddy Pulverizer


Overview :
This machine is suitable for micro-grinding synthetic resin, chemicals and other materials. It is different from ordinary pulverizers. It not only uses impact force, shearing force and other simple pulverizing forces to pulverize, but also uses numerous ultrasonic eddy currents generated on the back of blades and the vibration of high-frequency pressure generated thereby to pulverize materials. Under certain conditions, it has viscosity and elasticity and can also be pulverized. The temperature of the raw materials in the crushing operation of the machine increases very little, so the heat-sensitive substances can also be crushed.
Features :
2. Shell with water-cooling and self-generated wind, will crush the material delivery, low temperature rise, on the heat-sensitive materials can be crushed.  4. Structure, the spill does not exist the problem of dust.

1. Reasonable structure, smooth operation, good crushing effect, simple operation, convenient cleaning and maintenance. 

2. The shell is cooled by water and the air volume generated by itself. The crushed materials are transported with low temperature rise, and the heat sensitive materials can also be crushed. 

3. The blade is less worn due to the countless ultrasonic eddy currents generated on the back of the blade and the vibration of high-frequency pressure.

Technical parameters:
Model Smashing indoor track Rotor Number Speed Motor Power Crushing Capacity Exhaust Volume
WLFJ-400 400mm 2-4 2500-5000(r/min) 11-30kw 30-800kg/h 8-15m3/min

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