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SXH Three-spin Mixer

Main Uses:
1, used widely: not only generally applicable to all sectors of mixed materials, also apply to oil and more sugar and more, viscosity, flammable, explosive, curing temperature, softening temperature materials mixing. Such as drugs, powder coating (pre-mixed and finished mixed), leveling agent, food processing etc, and can production line is used. 
2, mixed mode and more: a general power mixer is only one institution, only one or two hybrid method, this machine is three sets of dynamic body with radial tip, axial turning, axial mixing, lateral mixing so Duozan features simultaneous hybrid method (see Figure). Additive inverter, speed control motor. 
3, good results: 1 cubic meter in a pale static mixer mixing 460 kg or 500 kg of art powder coating powder with small amount of paint (some less than one ten thousandth). 
4, easy to clean: no dead container, sticky material. Shaft, auger, mixing spoon can be removed easily cleaned, so a good cleaning, and convenient access to materials. 
5, large capacity: from 1 to 8 cubic meters, from 50 to 40,000 kg of materials. 

Technical Pparameters:
Model Mixing time (minutes) Power (kw) Weight of each mixture Dimensions (m)
(Length width height)
Load factor
Pharmaceuticals, food additives剂(kg) Additives, powder(kg)
1000Type 8-12 11.5 50-500 100-500 2×1.5×2 10-80
2000Type 12-15 13 100-1000 200-1000 2.5×1.7×2.3 10-80
4000Type 15-20 28 200-2000 300-2000 3×2×2.5 10-75
6000Type 20-30 32 300-3000 400-3000 3.3×2.2×2.8 10-75
8000Type 30-40 32 400-4000 500-4000 3.6×2.5×3.3 10-70

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