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ZS Vibration Sub-screen Machine

Main Uses: 
This machine is the introduction of foreign advanced technology,  widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, metallurgy, and electronics industries, is the classification of industrial raw materials sift the ideal equipment.

Working Principle: 
This machine consists of screen box, vibration source and the shock absorber has three major components. Vibrating screen frame box is connected with the 4-12 group. Soft rubber shock absorber upper and lower fixed centrifugal force generated by the earthquake Control float amplitude, so that materials have a downward . Shock and throw down the hierarchical filtering process, so as to achieve the best classification sieving effect. Features: This machine is the introduction of international advanced technology digestion, the aircraft true solution to the raw materials of several sub-screen problems, like product heap more, viscosity, high humidity, crushed flake easily plug mesh sieve materials . Compared with other powder screening machine of its many unique features, running machine without vibration, low noise, low power, sealed clean, reasonable structure, easy maintenance. 

Technical Parameters:
Model Capacity 2000
Sieve mesh
Motor Power Vibration frequency Excitation rate Dimensions 
(L × W × H)


80-300 3-150 0.2(KW) 1400(r/min) 0-2.5(kw) 1450×550×700 (mm) 140(kg)
ZS-0.5m2 100-450 3-150 0.2(KW) 1400(r/min) 0-2.5(kw) 1200×660×1250 (mm) 200(kg)
ZS-0.7m2 200-650 3-150 0.2×2(KW) 1400(r/min) 0-2.5(kw) 1780×650×960 (mm) 280(kg)
ZS-0.8m2 300-750 3-150 0.2×2(KW) 1400(r/min) 0-2.5(kw) 1880×850×1350 (mm) 320(kg)
ZS-1.2m2 500-1100 3-150 0.4×2(KW) 1400(r/min) 0-2.5(kw) 1980×1050×1450(mm) 400(kg)
ZS-1.8m2 800-1600 3-150 0.4×2(KW) 1400(r/min) 0-2.5(kw) 2400×1200×1500 (mm) 600(kg)
ZS-2.2m2 1000--2000 3-150 0.4×2(KW) 1400(r/min) 0-2.5(kw) 2800×1200×1600 (mm) 800(kg)

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