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ZS Vibration Screener


Main Uses
ZS series layered screens suitable for in line is the ratio of the size of particles ranging from sifting the ideal equipment for continuous discharge.

Structure Principle:
The machine consists of hopper, vibration chamber and coupling and motor. Oscillation indoor eccentric wheel, rubber software, main shaft, bearings and other components. The adjustable eccentric weight fixed by the motor transmitted to the spindle center line footer in the imbalance, the centrifugal force generated to force the change in material form vortex in the sieve, the size of hammer amplitude modulator according to different materials and screen adjust. Close the whole structure, small volume, no dust, low noise, high output, low energy consumption, mobile, and easy maintenance.
Model ZS-350 ZS-515 ZS-650
Capacity (kg / h) 60-500 60-1300 180-2000
Mesh sieve (mesh) 12-200 12-200 12-200
Motor Power (kw) 0.55 0.75 1.50
Spindle speed (r / min) 1380 1370 1370
Dimensions (mm) 540× 540 × 1060 710 × 710 × 1290 880 × 880 × 1350
Net Weight (kg) 100 180 250

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